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          • The epitome of urban complex

          • Problems solver in the infrastructure area

          • The intensive cultivator of the “Belt and Road” in overseas markets

          • Leader in high-tech plant area

          • Foregoer in application of BIM technology

          • Securer of quality guarantee of CSCEC

          • Development vision
            the most competitive engineering general contractor

          • 2017
            Was rated as National Civilized Unit
          • 2016
            Reentered the “CSCEC Top Three”
          • 2015
            Entered the “CSCEC Top Three”
          • 2014
            Passed the Chinese high-tech enterprise certification
          • 2013
            The contract amount exceeded 30 billion yuan for the first time
          • 2012
            Promulgated management implementation manual for each system
          • 2011
            Implemented an overall transition to “customer marketing”
          • 2010
            Achieved unified payment of employee compensation throughout the company
          • 2009
            Entered CSCEC “Top 10”
          • 2008
            Participated in Wenchuan earthquake relief work
          • 2007
            Established the Infrastructure Branch
          • 2006
            Established “The First Company of China Eighth Engineering Bureau Ltd.”
          • 2005
            Established The Northwest Branch Company of China Construction Eighth Engineering Division Corp. Ltd.
          • 2004
            Won Shandong “Provincial Civilized Unit”
          • 2003
            Completed the separation and restructuring of the auxiliary units and the main businesses
          • 2002
            Was rated as “National Enterprise Accredited for Fulfilling Contract and Valuing Credit”
          • 2000
            Participated in the construction of Tibet-aid projects
          • 1998
            Raised the curtain of the second pioneering work, and established Henan Branch and Anhui Branch
          • 1996
            Passed the third-party certification of ISO9002 quality system
          • 1995
            Established Beijing Branch and Shanghai Branch
          • 1994
            Won the Company’s first Luban Prize
          • 1993
            Fully carried out the construction by project method
          • 1992
            Won the “May 1st” Labor Medal
          • 1991
            Promoted as “National Grade II Enterprise”